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Israeli Technology to the Rescue

You heard about the severe drought (considered the worst in recorded history) that the State of California has been enduring? Officials are hysteric over the water crisis and the Governor has introduced sever measures to cut back on water usage and waste. What you might not have heard is the fact that advanced Israeli water technology is being rushed to California’s aid to turn the tide in the Golden State, the world’s seventh largest economy.

With about 40 million Americans calling California home, and the fate of their lawns, parks and golf courses in the balance, the fact is that all of America is now worried since California grows more than a third of America’s vegetables and two thirds of its fruit and nuts. A persistent drought in California will mean a rise in food prices all across North America!

So, what are these breakthrough technologies that Israeli companies are introducing into California’s districts and communities today? The Israeli arsenal to combat drought includes water reuse, wastewater treatment, desalination, energy efficiency, and drip irrigation.

Of those, possibly the most attractive and implementable solution for the immediate future is what is known as ‘Gray Water’, which is water generated from the use of showers, sinks, and washing machines, which is then processed and then diverted to irrigation. Today, nearly 90% of farming water in Israel is recycled ‘Gray Water’, while California’s farms use mainly clean water suitable for drinking.

At the same time, in San Diego, Israel Desalination Enterprises (IDE) is already building what will be the largest desalination plant not only in the United States, but in the entire Western Hemisphere. When completed in 2016, it will produce up to 54-million gallons of fresh water per day! Not bad, San Diego.

We have a T-shirt in Israel that says, “Don’t worry, America, Israel is right behind you”, and while this has been a comic line for years and the basis of many jokes, Californians may soon be looking at this reality more seriously than ever, while, hopefully, laughing with relief as clean and useable water keeps flowing out of their faucets. Way to go, USA!

Thank you and we’ll see you in Israel soon.

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