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Arab Israeli Peace Plan Can Be Delicious

Nestled in the mountains a few miles west from Jerusalem is one of Israel’s most famous and delicious destinations. Abu Gosh is a prosperous Arab Israeli village just off the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway, and the home of some of the most popular middle eastern cuisine restaurants in the land. Thousands of Israelis flood these establishments each week to enjoy exquisite lamb shishkabab, homemade Humus, freshly baked spiced pita breads, and a great variety of mouth-watering middle eastern honey and nuts deserts.

Our family often dines in Abu Gosh as it is not far from our home, and often we spot government officials, generals, politicians and celebrities feasting side by side with local Arab and Jewish residents. Sure enough, if Abu Gosh were to tell the story of the Middle East, it certainly appears as if the Arab-Israeli Peace Plan is firmly in place and is going strong. With Christians, Muslims and Israeli Jews sharing and enjoying side by side the aroma and flavors of this picturesque mountain village, one can truly see and celebrate the reality of peaceful co-existence in this land God calls His Own.

Enjoy the video, and next time you are in Israel make sure Abu Gosh is on your travel plan.

To plan your (next) trip to Israel (pastors and group leaders travel free, call for details) check out  or call me at 507-438-9096.

We’ll see you at Abu Gosh.

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