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Seven things you didn’t know about Jerusalem!

The Bible has many names for Jerusalem. It is called The City of God, The City of Peace, Ariel, The City of David, Zion, The City of Truth, The Joy of the Whole Earth and The Perfection of Beauty. With such spiritual “reputation” and titles, is it any wonder this city is at the center of international attention and controversy?

A busy, bustling mountainous city that combines ancient and modern architecture, Hi-Tech innovation and archeological treasures at every corner, sacred and secular coexisting side by side, and, of course, cuisines, music, art and a longing for God unlike anywhere else on the planet. You’ll love it there.

Here are a few things that might surprise you about Jerusalem:

1. It’s greener than you think.

2. It hosts a spectacular light festival every year.

Every summer during the Jerusalem Festival of Lights, hundreds of thousands of visitors come to watch projected displays across the ancient city walls and light-themed creations by artists from around the world.

3. It snows here (Sometimes).

While residents enjoy warm summers and mild (mountainous) winters, snow does come every other year or so, usually in January. But people are not complaining – there is nothing as beautiful as a snow day in the old city.

4. It’s a technology hub.

Dating back at least 3,500 years, Jerusalem, together with the rest of Israel, is at the forefront of modern technological innovations and breakthroughs which is second only to the famous California Silicon Valley.

5. Looking for waffles? No problem.

Jerusalem offers an abundance of Mediterranean and exotic cuisines for any budget, but some insist on their favorite breakfast food. The Waffle Bar offers the best of both worlds with customizable Belgian waffles with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream as a topping, and no fewer than three types of the local shakshouka dish for the local appetite. Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, pasta, burgers or a gourmet spread, you’ll have no trouble finding a top-notch restaurant in Jerusalem to satisfy your appetite.

6. Modern urban transit in ancient streets.

With a light rail system and biking paths and trails, it’s easy get around Jerusalem safely and comfortably – and it’s great for the environment too. As for biking, dedicated paths make it a much safer experience, and there’s even a trail that takes you from Jerusalem all the way to Tel Aviv! Watch out for the downhill slopes…

7. Jerusalem’s historic train station became a cultural hotspot!

Jerusalem’s first Rail Station is now offering a taste of the city’s culture and history. With special events, concerts, shops, galleries, tours and plenty of food, this centuries-old station has been completely transformed while keeping its historic exterior. Visitors enjoy a rich experience in one place – from yoga and pilates to art galleries and games because this ancient train station can still take you places…

Want to see more? Come and visit us! And while in Jerusalem, you might as well tour the rest of Israel and experience all God has for you in this incredible land.

Contact me directly at and learn how you can raise your own group and travel to Israel for free.

Stay blessed, Reuven Doron Biblical Tours Director Genesis Tours

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